Name of training (original) Wärmepumpe - Grundlagen u. Zertifizierung
Name of training in English Heat pump - Basics and Certification
Internet-link of Training
Training provider(s) WIFI Steiermark
city Graz
zip code 8010
street address Körblergasse 111-113
contact 1 prename WIFI Kundenservice
contact 1 surname WIFI Customer service
Description of the training You get to know the basics of heat pump technology, the components of heat pumps and their functionalities, from refrigeration cycle to refrigerants and environmental impacts of the heat pump heating (ODP, GWP, primary energy ratio). Furthermore, you learn the basics of heat pump planning and the necessary heat sources. You also get to know valid regulations, laws and standards for the completion of the certificate.  
Target Group(s) Heat pump installers
Qualification level - EQF n.a.
ISCED-Level n.a.
Curriculum/Contents Components and functionalities of refrigeration cycles, Refrigerants and
environmental impacts, Heat pump technologies, Performance and annual COP calculation, Planning of heat sources and regulations, Laws and standards as well as funding guidelines, Dimensioning and planning of heat pumps by ÖNORM H 5151 and its hydraulic integration, Combination of heat pump with solar thermal or photovoltaic plants, Klimaaktiv – quality line 2 – heat pumps for the acceptance and documentation 
Main learning outcomes The training and subsequent certification shall act as a quality standard and document the competency of qualified heat pump installers. 
Average number of graduates per year n.a.
Regularity n.a.
Entrance criteria Relevant education (e.g. final apprenticeship examination) 
Type of graduation Internationally acknowledged personal certification in accordance with the EG
guideline 28/2009 and the requirements of the ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 17024
aquired credentials no
Teaching units n.a.
Workload 32 hours
Learning-outcome-oriented description of the qualification existing/available
Training materials existing/available no
E-Learning existing/available Maybe in the course of the training but it is not explicitly mentioned.
costs of qualification for the participant € 620
funding available